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These Amazing, Magical Images Were Created Using Something You Use Every Day.

NOVEMBER 7, 2014

Elido Turco is an Italian photographer who can create the fantasy worlds you've always dreamed of (but by using less than %1 of the budget Peter Jackson had to make any of the Lord of the Rings movies). When Turco wants to make a goblin, there's no CGI. Elido just uses a tree, a mirror, and, of course, a camera. When Turco wants to create a pack of dwarves? He finds the nearest wooded area, grabs a mirror and camera and, well, you get the idea.

Take a look at these incredible creatures Elido Turco brought to life with, you guessed it: trees, a mirror, and a camera.

Elido Turco is a master with the mirror.


Is this why no one brings mirrors into the forest, because it's absolutely terrifying?

Or far too cute?

Okay, are we sure Turco didn't just stumble across a village of tree people?

I hope that's not the case, because this one looks angry.

This tree creature certainly seems to be in better spirits.

Groot, is that you?


Trees aren't the only subjects Turco works with. Take a look at these other fantastic photographs.

(via Elido Turco, H/T FreeYork)

Amazing! Especially when you consider the fact the only thing most people can do with a mirror and a camera is feel bad about the way they look. If you'd like to see more of Elido Turco's work, check out their Flickr page.