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These 24 Jokes Written By Kids Are So Bad, It's Actually Pretty Hilarious

NOVEMBER 26, 2014  —  By Joe Welkie

Kids in grade school routinely get assigned a ton of really odd (and seemingly useless) tasks. I remember I had to cut a piece of paper and make it look like a leaf at one point. Just because. Educators claim that it's "art class" or will help build social skills, but it just seems like a waste of time.

Even if teachers think that giving kids busy work is just a waste of time, those children can surprise you with what they can come up with. Each of these kids had the assignment of writing a joke. The results were so bad...they were brilliant.

1. Where did the ghost watch TV all night?

In his haunted castle.

2. What do you find in the forest?

A gremlin.

3. Why did the banana ladies cross the road?

To try on a banana wedding dress.

4. Why do people light a fire in July?

Because they're cold.

5. Why is the pool so cold?

Because of the sun.

6. How does a pig get to her granny's?

A train.

7. What is the secret ingredient of a toilet?


8. What do you call a dog that can walk?

A human.

9. If you go to the ham contest, what will the man say?

You won last year, you are not allowed.

10. What is a banana in a taxi?

Banana day trip.

11. Why did the Skittle go bowling?

Because he is part of bowling.

12. Why did the chicken run around screaming?

Because it needed to use the toilet.

13. Doctor, I think I am a spoon.

Sit on that chair and stop staring.

14. Your pants are on fire.

No, they're not.

15. Why do bees have black stripes?

They live in the dark.

16. What does the sock say?

I'm a sock, yeah?

17. Why do old people use a walking stick?

Because they like collecting sticks.

18. Why was the dog not at the party?

Because he would have to eat a hotdog.

19. What did the orange do in the tree?

Orange business.

20. What did the rude man say to the digger?

Hurry up.

21. What do you call a tiger with glasses on?

A scientist tiger.

22. Who is the biggest man?

No one, you are all the same.

23. Have you seen a red zebra?

They don't exist.

24. What will you do if a monkey is trapped in an island?

Do nothing. You didn't know because you're far away from the island.

I think a few of those kids have futures in comedy writing.