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The Most Ridiculous Things A 2-Year-Old Says, According To Her Dad

DECEMBER 13, 2014

When artist Martin Bruckner became a father, he expected new and interesting things to happen in his life. He knew his children would have a unique way of viewing the world, and that he'd have to laugh sometimes at what his kids said and did.

After hearing some of the hilariously funny things actually said in his house, he couldn't help but share them with the world. Coupled with his artistic talent, these 21 ridiculous quotes are just the tip of the funny iceberg at Martin's house.

1. If I have to watch Frozen one more time...

2. Can't you go another round?

3. He's lactose intolerant, after all.

4. It happens.

5. Because I don't understand...are they made from dogs?

6. That's a new one.

7. Sir, to everyone else.

8. You can't save it for later.


10. Sure, sweetie.

11. Then let's get some heroes down there.

12. I can't even.

13. No, that's what makes them monsters.

14. Seriously, who did this?

15. Oh boy, we need to talk.

16. I hate when that happens.

17. Darn tooting.

18. At least he's a Royal.

19. But you already had a cookie for dinner.

20. There's a time and place, son.

(via Pleated Jeans)

These are just too funny...and are only a fraction of what Martin has up on his website. If you're dying for more (and what parent isn't?), check them out for a good laugh. Or better yet, connect with Martin on Facebook and Pinterest to maybe share your own hilarious quip. Who knows? Maybe he'll make one for you...