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10 Fears Only Tall People Understand

AUGUST 12, 2015  —  By Jason Lopez


How's the weather up there? Being tall has a lot of advantages, but there are also some major drawbacks. These are the biggest fears that every tall person has experienced.


1. Small Door

Small Door


Walking into a room and the doorway is too low. Knocking yourself out in a doorway can be pretty embarrassing. Also having to bend every time you pass through that doorway.

2. Wrong Clothes

Wrong Clothes


Finding shoes and clothes to fit you is such a chore when you're tall. It can be expensive to buy. Also it's time consuming to find things that will fit you and not be too short or hurt your feet.

3. Airplane Seats

Airplane Seats

The Higher Learning

Without enough legroom, cramping is inevitable for every airplane ride. You may have to spend more money and upgrade to first class.

4. Bending



Holding a conversation basically means you have to look down on someone. Literally. Bending down or craning your neck to be at eye level is not fun.

5. Basketball Skills

Basketball Skills


People will assume that you are awesome at basketball. Just because you are the same height as Shaq doesn't mean you can dunk like he can. A lot of tall people can barely make a layup.

6. How Tall Are Youfreethoughtify

How Tall Are Youfreethoughtify


You might as well have a name tag with your height on it. People never ask your name, just your height.

7. Finding A Mattress

Finding A Mattress

reRun Running

Finding a bed that will fit your height is next to impossible. Normal mattress stores do not carry extra long mattresses, so online is one of the only options is you don't want your feet hanging over the edge.

8. Desks



The most dreaded enemy of all tall people is the classroom desk. It's basically a cramping prison for tall people.

9. Being In The Way

Being In The Way


Nobody wants to sit behind a tall person at the movies or other events. Sure, you can see perfectly well, but you might get complaints from the less vertically gifted people who are behind you.

10. The Weather Joke

The Weather Joke


Being asked the dreaded weather question, "How's the weather up there?" I'm sure every tall person has heard this question enough times to take up a career in meteorology. It's not funny anymore.