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Watch Out For These 21 Weird Things You're Banned From Doing Around The World

MARCH 16, 2015  —  By Joe Welkie

In America, it is imperative that one knows the laws of the country and abides by them. However, what if I told you that you could be breaking the law and you wouldn't even know it? There are some absolutely crazy laws in existence that you might not know about. If you live in America, or any of the following countries, you should read up on the local laws so as to not end up in the slammer.

1. If you are into beastiality, I suggest you go to Iran. Their laws permit people having sex with domesticated animals. It is illegal to have sex with wild animals, though. Bummer.

2. Melbourne, Australia, has a ban on men appearing in public wearing a strapless gown.

3. In Oklahoma, you can be thrown in jail for making ugly faces at dogs.

4. Wonder why the streets of Singapore are so clean? That's because they banned chewing gum in the country.

5. The only women who are allowed to skydive in Florida on a Sunday are married women. All others are banned, including divorced, single, and even widowed women.

6. It is illegal to sell cooked tripe in Britain. Raw tripe is fine.

7. If you are a big fan of flip-flops, don't go to Capri, Italy. They have a ban on "noisy footwear."

8. If you are in Eboli, Italy, don't get caught kissing in a moving vehicle. It comes with a 415 Euro fine.

9. Birmingham, Alabama, has a specific law that states that you can't have sex on the steps of a church at night. It makes no mention of the daytime, though.

10. It is illegal in Wilbur, Washington, to ride an ugly horse. Who decides this?

11. It is an offense for workers in Ferrara, Italy, to fall asleep in a cheese factory.